Meet our Guides

-Summer 2017-

Jesse Barber


Pacific northwest girl born and raised.  Wonderlust Traveler with a passion for community, impact, healing, redemptive stories, and working for and towards something bigger than ourselves. 

My name is Jesse Barber and I was born and raised in Western North Carolina. I love to explore the Appalachian Mountains and the story of it's people. I'm a documenter of life and strive to live my own life to the fullest everyday. When I'm not taking pictures I'm riding bikes, rock climbing, or trying to find a river to jump into.


Lauren Flores

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I'm Lauren and I love exploring the great outdoors! In my free time you will see me hiking, backpacking, running, and enjoying all things relating to being out in nature.  

Danielle Phillips

Danielle considers herself a true Pacific North-westerner. She's a creatively driven, Seattle city-living, mountain chasing, socks and sandals kind of gal. When she isn't working as a nurse in the intensive care unit, she enjoys hiking, climbing, and spending time on her yoga practice. Finding beauty in the balance is her philosophy in life, and she hopes to share her journey with you!

Stacia Glenn | Pacific Northwest

Stacia Glenn is a newspaper reporter by day and a climber always. As a child, her parents instilled a love of the wild and traveled around the country hiking and camping. Now, Stacia's passions include mountaineering, rock climbing, trail running, singing at the top of her lungs and eating mass quantities of chocolate. She lives in the Pacific Northwest.


Cary Bayless | Tennessee

Cary has always had a deep adoration for the outdoors. He lives and works in Chattanooga, TN spending his time helping homeless families in need become stable. He loves getting lost deep in the woods with his hound, walking barefoot on the Tennessee River pulling up bass, or relaxing in his hammock with a good book up on Lookout Mountain. In nature Cary feels most connected to his creator. He has always had a heart geared toward adventure and encourages you to use your free time to get outside and do the same! 

Jenna Chrisien | Arizona

Jenna Chrisien is a flight attendant based out of Phoenix, Arizona. After living in the flat state of Florida her entire life, she fell in love with the mountains after moving out west. She spends most of her days off flying to different places and going on camping trips. She loves any type of adventure but her favorite places to travel are anywhere with mountains and waterfalls. Her current bucket list includes swimming with great white sharks, hiking Machu Picchu, and skydiving over an island.


John Stephens | north carolina

John Stephens is an avid adventurer, photographer, writer, and backpacker from Boone, NC. In his free time he travels, builds tiny-houses, and writes novels. To follow his adventures find him on Instagram, Twitter, and SnapChat: @thathiker.


Emily Lester | Tennessee

Emily Lester discovered the great outdoors when she went on her first hike at the age of 18 and she has been blazing down trails ever since. Some of her favorite spots in the southeast are the Smoky Mountains and Chattanooga's outdoor scene where she loves to hike, mountain bike, run, and kayak. Capturing moments on the trails so that other people can experience the beauty of the world is what motivates her to get outside. Her dog Lucy loves coming along for her adventures, too!


Dillon Senn | South carolina

Dillon began exploring the outdoors as a way to get away from the rush of society and always having to be on a time schedule. As his love for the outdoors grew so did his love for photography. Beginning as a way to show people the amazing places he was exploring, especially the people that aren't physically capable of getting there themselves, it grew to a much deeper meaning. Both photography and nature allow you to slow down the every day rush and distractions and focus on the simpler things. It will always be his passion to share the beauty that surrounds us!


Adaeze Noelle | Colorado

Adaeze (pronounced "uh-daisy," like a flower) is an adventure-hearted singer/songwriter working full-time as a worship leader in Colorado. When she's not musician-ing, you can usually find her galavanting around the mountains of what she's dubbed the perfect-for-her state. A vibrant lover of travel, snowboarding, and the color turquoise, Adaeze stays active and busy, and has a blast doing so. 


Brinson McGowan | Georgia

Brinson McGowan is a left handed, red-bearded, long-haired, self-proclaimed artist/self-taught photographer/wannabe traveller who loves novel experiences and new friends. Living and working as a graphic designer in ATL during the week, Brinson escapes the urban landscape in favor of more natural ones probably more often than he should (aka every single weekend). His most treasured moments in life usually involve windy open spaces, lit by the moon, warmed by a fire and surrounded by friends preferably with a body of water very close by and Sigur Ros playing softly behind people telling stories.


Raechel Youngberg | Washington

Raechel is an environmentalist with an adventure addiction. A Seattle native, she now dedicates herself to protecting her home from reckless development by day and studying the natural history of the North Cascades by night. Raechel spends her free time exploring the Cascades with her adventure pup, Dundee. You can find them trail running, climbing, skiing, fly fishing and backpacking together. 


Samuel Martin | North Carolina

Samuel Martin is a North Carolina native who can often be found wandering the mountains of the east coast, sharing the stories of the people he meets and documenting his time on the trail.


Miranda LeConte | California

Born and raised in California's Sierra Nevada mountain range, Miranda is constantly surrounded by wild places. Having worked as a Wilderness Ranger for the U.S. Forest Service for a few years, she strongly believes in environmental/Leave No Trace ethics. Wilderness is her home, and she hopes to remind everyone else that it's theirs too.


Logan brown | ohio

Logan Brown is an adventure photographer based in Northwest Ohio. Photography started out as a way to document his adventures but soon turned into one of his passions. He strives to capture God's creation and share it with as many people as possible. 


Alyssa San Agustin | california

Alyssa is a recent college graduate enjoying the journey as she explores her life's purpose. Her love for the outdoors and new places began on her first trip to Hawaii. It was in that same trip that she took upon a hobby in photography as she strived to capture the beautiful sights. Alyssa spends her time maintaining her personal blog The Adventures Of Wanderlust. Alyssa is also in the process of launching a small business with two friends called Make Life Count planning weekend trips to help people escape from their 9-5 jobs.


Matthew Cook | north carolina

Matt is a Nursing Major at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. When he’s not hard at work, he can be found adventuring the surrounding trails, streams and mountains. For more into Matt’s adventures and photography, check out his Instagram @cookingwithfire.


Morgan Echols | Alabama

Born and raised in northern Alabama, Morgan grew up camping in her backyard and on the shores of the Tennessee River. She later returned to her camping roots as an adult and her adventurous spirit has taken over. She now explores all corners of nature while working full-time helping people get into substance abuse programs and find their new hope. Her favorite feeling is being surrounded by lightning bugs deep in the forrest with a warm fire at her feet and friends sharing stories under a starry night. She photographs her favorite sights hoping to inspire others to find their own version of peace and wonder in nature by just getting out there and breathing it in! 


Sean Carr | oregon

Born in the mountains up upstate New York and as a recent transplant to Portland, Oregon, Sean has always had a passion for the wilderness and exploring it with his camera. As a wedding and commercial photographer he tries to intertwine elements of the outdoors experience every chance he gets. Inspired by travel, making new connections and getting that perfect shot(which he can never quite seem to do).


Tiffany Edminston | Tennessee

Tiffany was raised with the Great Smoky Mountains in her backyard, which led to her passion for the outdoors and adventure. Finding happiness from being in motion and from documenting it, she explores as a team with her husband, in search of light, discovery, and facing fears.


Patrick James | North Carolina

Patrick is an explorer. If you need to find him, the best places to look would be at campsites around Western North Carolina. Whether he's camping, hiking or running...Patrick is in his element when he's outside.


Kiani Anderson | Washington

You can catch Kiani whipping up lattes in Seattle at the Starbucks she manages. Right when she punches out she's normally jetting  straight to the mountains. Spending most of her time on the go she loves the thrill of sleeping in new places about three times a week. Her ideal day would consist of backpacking, feasting on a delicious mountain house meal and sleeping under the stars. The mountains keep her wild and her soul of fire.


Alan Maxcy | Georgia

Alan Maxcy is a photographer based out of Atlanta, GA. He creates content that helps businesses tell their stories. When he's not behind the camera you can find him in one of Atlanta's coffee shops or exploring the outdoors with his wife Lacey. They're obsessed with tacos, craft beer, and traveling the world.


Mandi Susan | Colorado

Mandi Susan is an outdoor adventurer, writer, and photographer based in Denver, CO. When she’s not rock climbing, rafting, or mountaineering, she volunteers with the U.S. Forest Service and Colorado Fourteener Initiative to protect peaks and public Wilderness areas. Currently, she contributes communications and development support to an urban agriculture non-profit that operates three one-acre farms to provide food access to under-resourced Denver neighborhoods, and to build strong, sustainable communities. A New England native, Mandi migrated to the Rocky Mountains to earn her MFA in creative writing, and is now spearheading an ethnographic-documentary film project called, The Van Life Movement. She’s obsessed with the smell of subalpine fir trees, her two kitties, and pistachio iced lattes. 


Samantha Cook | North carolina

Sam is a rising senior at Western Carolina University who likes to do fun activities outside, from long walks in the mountains to cooking extravagant meals on her stove. She was a student on a NOLS Mexico semester in 2013 and is now an intern at the NOLS Headquarters in Lander, Wyoming. 


Emily Accipter Stewart | north carolina

Emily Accipiter Stewart has lived all over the southeast, but truly discovered her outdoor passions while living in Alaska. Her hobbies include hiking, backpacking, kayaking, and getting involved in her community. You can find her with her husband and two dogs - Moose & Sasha - exploring a new trail any given weekend.


Mia Karp | Oregon

Mia is an outdoor enthusiast who lives in Portland, Oregon. She believes no day should be wasted and that is shown through her own personal blog The Karpe Diem. Mia loves taking others out on adventures, whether that be to summit a mountain or to go on a road trip with no destination. You can find Mia capturing the outdoors through photographs in hopes to get others out to see this place in which we call our home. 


Madi Barker | North Carolina

Madi Barker lives in Boone NC and spends most of her time outdoors in the beautiful Blue Ridge, climbing, mountain biking, taking pictures, you name it! When she is not adventuring outside, she is working for a local nonprofit that provides clean water to people in need across the globe. Overall, Madi is passionate about understanding others and empowering people to make good change in the world and to get outdoors!


Christopher Victor | Idaho

Christopher's love for the outdoors came from humble beginnings. Born and raised in the Philippines and having lived in sunny Southern California, the unbeatable climate allowed him to experience what those places had to offer. Now residing in Boise, you can catch him backpacking in the forest, summiting a peak or stand-up paddle boarding on a lake. He believes that adventure can be had right in our own backyards. It doesn’t have to be thousands of miles away. His lust for adventure and desire to go bigger, higher, and faster is never-ending .


Emily Noël | California

This is Emily Noël, a 19 year old female currently living and going to school in Lake Tahoe California. She was born and raised in Vermont, where she was introduced to outdoor activities very young. She is very passionate about the outdoors and photography.