Print Specs - A shorthand way of communicating vital information about a custom order. This is usually notated as (total quantity of garments); number of colors in the front graphic / number of colors in the back graphic.

For example … (100) 2/1 … this means there are 100 tee shirts with a 2 color front / 1 color back print.

You may also see notes like (100) 2/tag or (100) 2/1/sleeve

Print Ready Art - Art that is provided by the account and does not require in-house design assistance before printing. We accept the following file types as print-ready art:

A vector file (.eps or .ai) with all type outlined and sized at the print dimensions.

A high resolution jpg (at least 300 dpi), flattened and sized at the print dimensions.

Single Hit - a single layer of ink on the tee shirt surface. Depending on the garment / ink colors, some of the garment color may show through the ink a bit.

Double Hit or Double Strike - a double layer of ink on the tee shirt surface.  The result of a double hit print is an opaque graphic with no tee shirt color coming through.

We recommend a client’s artwork be double hit when they need a 100% opaque print colors.

The drawback of double hit printing is that the ink is noticeably thicker. Frequently clients have to choose between opacity and touch of the print.

Washed Print or Tonal Print - The pigment of the ink is made more transparent by adding clear base to colored ink. The effect is a soft, semi-transparent graphic that looks like it’s worn into the garment.

Underlay or White Base - A layer of white ink is printed before other colors. This allows additional colors to be brighter and fully opaque.

Hand - refers to the touch or feel of the print on the tee; for example, a soft hand print does not feel thick or raised.

Mock Up - A digital representation of a tee shirt graphic which is shown to clients for approval and used as reference for the printers.  

Spot Color - solid blocks of print color (as opposed to photo realistic graphics). The majority of print jobs have spot colors.

CMYK or Process Printing - 4 color printing that when combined create a photo realistic graphic

Pantone Matching - A standardized color formula to retain branding integrity. Often times company logos will have a specific pantone.

Custom Tagging - When an account requests that the existing label of a tee shirt is removed in order to have their information custom printed in the inside nape of the neck. This is a more expensive addition than printing in other locations.

Digitizing - For embroidery, new designs must be programmed into individual stitches.  This usually incurs a small setup fee, usually under $50. Digitizing is a one-time fee per design.

Tech Pack - A guideline for manufacturing that specifically lists materials used, colors, and all measurements.

Private Label - Relabeling a garment as your own by removing the existing label and adding another.  This is a good solution for an account that wants a fully-branded product but cannot accommodate the MOQ of manufacturing custom garments.

MOQ - Minimum order quantity.

SMS- Salesman Sample.

SMU - Strategic Marketing Unit.