Each Landmark purchase supports at-risk youth as they learn to reach their full potential through rafting, camping, mountain biking and rock climbing trips. Our charitable partner, GOAT (Great Outdoor Adventure Trips), uses the great outdoors as a platform to mentor and train over 1,000 kids each summer.  

The Landmark Project designs, prints, and fulfills every order in-house, giving us the ability to provide some of these kids with real-world  job experiences like basic print and design. We believe that engaging kids through nature and teaching them life skills will help motivate them to finish school, be employable, and enter adulthood as self-sufficient, responsible leaders.

Think of the people who gave you a shot, and pay it forward.  


Tommy's story:

Tommy first came to us years ago when his younger brother came Mountain Biking with GOAT for the first time. He knew instantly that he loved being outdoors and he knew that he had to share this epiphany with his brother as soon as he could. "My brother Tommy needs this, he's going to love it, I know it"

Tommy has been a part of our program ever since, and has had his ups and downs along the way. Two years ago we had to bring a multi-day trip back early because of Tommy's behavior. Every single kid on the trip had to bail with us and drive back to Greenville - missing out on a trip they had been helping plan and had been looking forward to for months. Tommy didn't respond to this decision well and it eventually led to him leaving GOAT's program. He didn't think it was "fair" that we asked him to take responsibility for his actions and do community service before he could join our program again. He left GOAT and told us he would never be back.

Fast forward six months and we hadn't seen Tommy. His brother was still around and was visibly burdened by his brother's decision and absence at GOAT. One day Tommy showed back up, on his own, and apologized to everyone on our staff, asked what he needed to do to come back, put his head down and went to work. After a month back, he was a new person. He told us "coming back to GOAT was the best decision I ever made." Tommy has been back for over a year now and has grown into a man. He's currently working for GOAT and will soon be transitioning to working with the Landmark Project - helping make, package and send shirts for the very people who make his transformation possible. 

Rock climbing didn't change Tommy, but the great outdoors got his attention and introduced him to a network of people who love him and want to see him succeed. 

When you purchase Landmark goods, you're also giving the gift of the outdoors to kids like Tommy. You're giving them a chance. A chance to realize the potential they have - regardless of their upbringing or life circumstances - to change their situation, their family and their community.