+ What is The Landmark Project?

The Landmark Project is an ongoing venture to create apparel inspired by iconic outdoor destinations.

+ why do you call it a project?

It started as a side project of our existing print & design shop. As a creative outlet to mundane client work, we began to design and print shirts that we actually wanted to wear about the places that we love. The idea caught on locally and has been growing ever since.

+ how did it come about?

Our company was founded in 2007 by outdoor enthusiasts who had a passion for graphic design and specialty printing.

+ Does it benefit The National Parks?

Some of the sales of our National Park collection directly benefit the park service. But generally speaking, we focus our charitable giving on outdoor outreach and mentorship for underprivileged youth.

+ Do you have an official charitable partner?

Yes. We partner with Great Outdoor Adventure Trips. Because we design, print, and fulfill every order in-house, we have the ability to provide some of these kids with real-world job experiences like basic print and design. We believe that engaging kids through nature and teaching them life skills will help motivate them to finish school, be employable, and enter adulthood as self-sufficient, responsible leaders.

+ where is everything made?

We ethically source all of our blank tees from Guatamala. All of our wool products are made in the USA, Stickers are made in the USA, patches and made in China, hats are made in either Vietnam or China. As a general rule, we practice ethical and responsible sourcing practices for all of our goods, including those made in the USA.

+ Where do the designs come from?

Our designs are made by an in-house team of designers and illustrators. With some products, we may collaborate with another artist.


Custom apparel and accessories are the bulk of what we produce, but we are continually growing our capabilities.

+ What are you working on next?

USA-made wool tops for both men and women. Titanium tent accessories, original licensed Smoky the Bear Merchandise.